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Space Cleaner is specifically designed to clean, polish and protect all surfaces.



Cleaning your engine and parts with Space Cleaner improves and maintains your car’s performance the same way changing the oil and spark plugs does, you’re proud of your car or truck, Space Cleaner is the best way to get “over-the-top” clean, even under the hood. You can clean the following: Engines, underbodies, small parts, floor mats and wheels.


Space Cleaner cleans and restore bikes, RVs, boats, ATVs, and gym equipment. Choose from our full lineup to quickly wash away dirt and contamination on your prized possessions, because the faster you can clean your stuff, the faster you can use it, remember that each vehicle or equipment type has different cleaning requirements, so follow this guide for ways to use our degreaser.


The great outdoors have a way of leading to great big messes, Space Cleaner not only makes your BBQ grill, pool, patio furniture, gym equipment, lawn mower, driveway, awnings and tools look great…they’ll perform better and last longer, too. Space Cleaner means less cleaning time so you’ll get more hammock time.


When was the last time you deep-cleaned your kitchen appliances, carpeting and bathroom fixtures? There’s no place like home to unleash the power of Space Cleaner. Our heavy-duty formula allows you to simply spray, rinse and wipe away the tackiest, gooiest, hidden-behind-the-stove messes, Space Cleaner is great for cleaning grease-stained laundry too! No fuss. No muss.

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